Conejo Valley Little League

2019 Spring Registration



Welcome to 2019 Spring Registration for Conejo Valley Little League (CVLL)!


This registration session will allow you to complete contact information and sign up for participation. Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.




Before beginning, please read CVLL's Spring 2019 Rabbit Book, which contains a lot of important information about the upcoming season:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does registration open for Spring 2019? 


  • Registration opens November 1, 2018, and closes January 13, 2019.   Early registration ($20 discount) ends on November 30, 2018, so register early!!


2. How much does registration cost?   


  • Our Peanuts (t-ball) division and Challengers (program for mentally and/or physically challenged youth) cost $175 for the season.  All other divisions cost $270 for the season.   Siblings receive a $20 discount.  Early registration (on or before 11/30/2018) also receives a $20 discount.


  • There is also a refundable $50 snack shack volunteer fee assessed at the time of registration.   (This does not apply to Juniors or Challengers programs).    The $50 will be refunded at the conclusion of the season if you volunteer for a 4-hour shift in the snack shack throughout the season.


3. What is CVLL’s Try Baseball Free program?   


  • As part of a promotion to share the sport of baseball with as many people as possible, CVLL is providing free registration (and other benefits/coupons) to the first 100 registered kids (ages 4-12) who have never played with CVLL before.    Please note that you must be eligible for CVLL to participate in this program.  To take advantage of this program, simply register your player and mark that this is your player’s first time with CVLL.   (We will check eligibility and player history after receiving the completed registration).


  • Please note that TBF players must still contribute the refundable $50 snack shack buyout at the time of registration.  The $50 will be refunded at the conclusion of the season if you volunteer for a 4-hour shift in the snack shack throughout the season.


4. How do I know if my child is eligible to play in CVLL?


  • Your child is eligible for CVLL if he/she lives or attends school within the CVLL boundary.




5. We do not live in the CVLL boundary, but my child attends school within the CVLL boundary.  Is my child eligible to play in CVLL? 


  • Yes!


6. I do not know my child’s little league age.  How do I determine that?    


  • Little League Age (for spring 2019) is the age of a child as of August 31, 2019. 




7. Which division will my child play in?


  • Children under little league age 4 are not eligible to play in CVLL.
  • Children LL age 4 will play in our Peanuts division (t-ball).
  • Children LL age 5 will play in our Peanuts division (t-ball).
  • Children LL age 6 typically play in our Peanuts division (t-ball).   However, kids LL age 6 with one year of t-ball experience may petition to play-up to our Minor International (machine pitch) division.   Kids wishing to play up must attend player evaluations.
  • Children LL age 7 typically play in our Minor International division (machine pitch).   However, kids LL age 7 may petition to play-up to our Minor National (kid pitch) division.  Kids wishing to play up must attend player evaluations and must subsequently be drafted into the Minor National division.
  • Children LL age 8 either play in Minor International (machine pitch) or Minor National (kid pitch).   All LL age 8 and older players must attend player evaluations.   LL age 8 players may be drafted into the Minor National division.    Any LL age 8 players not drafted into the Minor National division will play in the Minor International division.
  • Children LL age 9 either play in Minor National or Minor American.   LL age 9 players may be drafted into the Minor American division.    Any LL age 9 players not drafted into the Minor American division will play in the Minor National division.
  • Children LL age 10, 11, and 12 either play in Minor American or Majors Division.   LL age 10, 11, and 12 players may be drafted into the Majors division.    Any LL age 10, 11, or 12 players not drafted into the Majors division will play in the Minor American division.
  • Children LL age 13 and 14 play in our Junior division.   
  • Children LL age 15 through 18 can play through our affiliation with Mike Scioscia’s Amateur Baseball Development Group (ABDG) with games played on a regulation size field.  For this division, you do not register on   Instead, please contact Mike Gregory at or go to

8. When and where are Player Evaluations?

  League Ag




8* year olds

Jan 5, 8:30 am

Jan 12, 11:00 am

Dover Field

9 year olds

Jan 5, 10:30 am

Jan 12, 12:00 pm

Dover Field

10 year olds

Jan 5, 12:00 pm

Jan 12, 12:30 pm

Dover Field

11 year olds

Jan 5, 1:30 pm

Jan 12, 1:00 pm

Dover Field

12 year olds

Jan 5, 3:00 pm

Jan 12, 1:30 pm

Dover Field

13-14 year olds

Jan 12, 1:00 pm


Waverly Field


*Any 6 or 7-year-olds who wish to “play up” must attend during the little league age 8 session


9. Games and Practices -- When do games start?  How many games are there?   When are games played?  How many practices per week?   When are practices?  Where are the games and practices held?


  • CVLL starts regular season games on Saturday, March 2, 2019. For all divisions (other than Peanuts or Challengers) there is 1 practice, 1-weekday game, and 1 Saturday game per week.   For Peanuts and Challengers, there is 1-weekday practice and 1 Saturday game per week.  There may be additional “batting cage” time added to the schedule on a given week, but this is at the discretion of the team’s manager.   To the degree possible, CVLL tries to schedule 20 games per team for all divisions (except for Peanuts and Challengers since they only play on Saturdays).   Practice and game schedules will not be finalized until February 2019, so please be patient.   (Preseason practice schedule will be shared by the team managers shortly after teams are formed at the end of January).  Most CVLL games and practices are held at Fiore Field or Dover/Hendrix park (“Conejo Community Park”).


10. Can my child be on the same team as his/her friends?


  • Our Peanuts and Minor International teams are put together by our Player Agent and the Field VPs responsible for those divisions.  For these divisions, we try our best to accommodate requests.   Please enter your special request in the registration form itself (there is a section for this on the ‘Registration/Payment Options’ screen in the registration form).  


  • Minor National teams and above are drafted and we, therefore, will not be able to accommodate any requests to pair players together in those leagues.


11. How can I volunteer to be a Manager, Asst. Coach, Umpire, Scorekeeper, etc.?


  • We appreciate your willingness to volunteer!!   Within the registration screen, there is a section for you to volunteer for one or more positions.   If you have any interest, please go ahead and add this information to your player’s registration.    All volunteers will be subject to a background check (completed online through third party vendor JCP).  We will separately send all volunteers a web link to authorize and complete the background check.


12. I have another question that is not shown here in these FAQs.   How do I get this answered?


  • First please read through the Spring 2019 CVLL “Rabbit Book” which contains a LOT of information about CVLL and the upcoming season.  There is a good chance that your question will be answered within that book.   If you still have remaining questions about registration, please contact



Additional Questions?

Please direct any additional questions regarding this registration to:

CVLL Registrar